Two Development enviroments on same server

Hello pals,

I got a issue, i’m trying to create two instances of Frappe to play a bit, we are two team so we need two different enviroments.

I installed two instances through bench without the --production param, the i created a site for each instance, however i want to change the port of the second instance to, lets say, 8009, but when using bench set-nginx-port siteB 8009 it actually make the mods to gets nginx.conf to that port (using setup nginx), but when i do bench start the server starts on port 8000, so i can’t get two servers up.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? i have being reading a while in the forum.

Thx in advance,

BTW, great work!

Edit your frappe-bench/Procfile to automatically setup multiple development instances.

bench --site [site] serve --port 8001

Thx @rmehta

i was editing that file but i supposed i didn’t to do that directly.

Solved :wink: