Two Different print format on two instances of ERPNext

I have two instances of ERPNext running on two different servers and both of them are running the same version. But strangely both of then print the sales invoices in different formats inspite of selecting the same fields.

On both the formats on different server I have selected pretty much the same fields from the item table. But why they show differently?
I prefer the first format, so can anybody guide me how to achieve that format on the second one?

Hi, I believe you havent selected the right print format.

That is not the case. I created a print format on both sets of instances and they give different results.

I think there are two kinds of Grand Total, base currency and default currency. Make sure to have the same fields. This also applies to other currency fields, not only for Grand total.

While I am checking that, can you tell me whether the first image is at all possible? I was reading somewhere the other day that now all data like pricing rule, shipping charges goes into the description field.
I am myself amazed as to how I achieved that specific format. But my issue is I want that exact format on the other instance as well.