Two different work flows that we experience

hi All, we’re currently running V-12 and I’ve got some questions/suggestions. We often encounter these two different process flows that I cannot understand how to implement in ERPNext and any help will be highly appreciated.
1. Repair of our inhouse equipment
The workflow of this is as follows:

  1. Someone from our company encounters a problem with the equipment we have inhouse.
  2. We identify the equipment and check if the item is under a current warranty, and the conditions of the warranty are checked, we also take down the equipment ID, the warranty number, the number/email for contacting the equipment dealer/factory/etc.
  3. If there is no warranty, or warranty is expired, we see if we have a service contract with another service provider. If so, we take those contact details down from the paperwork.
  4. We call the company or the service provider for assistance.
  5. They send in their technicians/technical-sales if there is a service contract etc.
  6. The initial analysis is done to get an offer of repair work.
  7. We (or in the case there is full warranty coverage that company or a third party) contract out the repair work.
  8. The equipment is repaired.
  9. An acceptance trial is done for the reparied item and if all is well, the item is accepted.
  10. There could be original parts that were taken out of the faulty equipment or are either left by the repair company that need to be RMA’d back to the producer/distributor/repair station etc by us. So we need to ship them back for which we need to prepare a transport document usually called a Bill of Ladding (BOL).
  11. Then we prepare the shipping documents for the shipping courier and attach the BOL (the BOL is fundamental in EU). The BOL contains the manifest of the material in the carriage.
  12. Material is shipped and the shipper notifies us with the successful receipt of the RMA by the company.
  13. The item is closed from our administration.

2. Material samples, product samples machining samples. Generic Samples
In this process, we make to design something for a customer, usually precision machined parts or carbon composite manufacture. For this, we are not paid. These are usually done to get a larger contract and for customer evaluation of our services. I’m sure this is something that you already have and I’d like to understand how to do this.

This usually happens for two types of products:

  1. Customer wants a part, but is not sure we can produce that complexity or quality, customer is willing to pay costs for a single part to check out the quality. The part tolerance drawings and a 3D model are sent to us with a request to process one part for a potential order for x pieces.
    b. We analyze the product, based on that analysis we decide that it may need:
    i. A production jig.
    ii. Use of a certain machine out of the machines in the facility.
    iii. Use of a third party to do some additional operations on the parts produced.
    iv. A certain type of specialized material (say Titanium or Inconel).
    v. Certain resources in terms of a specialized machine operator and an engineer for machine programming.
    vi. Machine pre preparation
    vii. Machine off line programming using expensive CAM software by the engineer.
    viii. Ordering of specialized tools that are missing or never before purchased and tooling
    ix. Setup of the tooling and machine
    x. Machining of production jigs.
    xi. Machining of part followed by full part tolerance inspection.
    xii. Machine maintenance and removal and storage of loaded specialized tooling.
    xiii. Part tagging and preparation of Bill of Ladding and other shippign documents.
    xiv. Part shipped

In case we cannot charge for this part but it has still cost us, how should this be processed in ERPNext? How should this be normally processed?

Thank you.


Any suggestions?