Two languages in single invoice

How can I get ERPNext to display two languages on the same invoice? For example, I want the word “Invoice” both in English and Arabic. Is there a setting I can configure or do I’ve to manually edit the form?

If its only the word invoice you want to show the you can copy the arabic word from google and paste in the print format header.

You have to customize the print format for that and make new one

No, I need it for every section of the invoice. Like the item, quantity, total, etc.

Good question, because if there is an import item from a foreign language territory, for the accountant should include the invoice the original item name, UOM ext.

In this case would be helpful to have it in different languages.

it’s not clear for me … if you paste the final printformat you want to create i may can help you ,
i once created a two language like this

|arabic | english |
|arabic | english |
|arabic | english |
|arabic | english |

but this is my use case .

Where and how did you do it? Can you post a sample of your format?

i can’t it was for a client i can’t share his data ,
but i used bootstrap to divde the page to two pages and we use landscape to print
so i have two col-6 one for arabic and one for english

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That’s not exactly what I want. I don’t need product/item names in Arabic, only field names like “tax invoice”, “quantity”, “total”, etc.

i can’t understand it :frowning: @oxwivi

how about add image of the final print you want and draw what you need,

|  item            المنت  |  quantity  كمية  |  price  السعر |
| item 1                  |               2  |            6  |
| item 3                  |               6  |            6  |
| item 6                  |               4  |           20  |
| total price   السعر الكلي                  |               |

i put a translation in doctype translation for name ahmad
and query it in the print format like this

{{frappe.db.get_value('Translation',{'language':'ar','source_name': 'ahmad'},"target_name")}}

and it print it with احمد
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