Two steps to have erpnext as PWA

Following web site suggests a very simple way to make any web site as Progressive Web App (PWA).

In fact, rather than 3 steps for Frappe App / ERPNext it will be just two steps as we have already website:

  1. Create a Web App Manifest file in the root folder of the project, and tell:

    1. name,
    2. short_name,
    3. start_url,
    4. the scope
  2. Adding Service Workers

It seems a job of under 10 minutes. Has anyone tried it on Frappe based website / ERPNext?

What will be limitations of this, if it works at all?

What will be the root of the project?

Where manifest.json file will be placed? In site folder or in frappe folder or somewhere else?

What will be the values of start_url and the scope (1.3 and 1.4 above).

H S Rai

If you experts can tell the feasibility of this.

If not feasible then I can stop thinking and hunting for this, but if it is feasible then some pointer / hint can be good for me.

Hope to get one or two responses at least, and might be more :slight_smile:

It’s feasible. You may be the first one to document it in detail.

Use this bench app to create a single page apps for frappe framework

With it you’ll get all the power of nodejs based frontend development.

If you just wish try simple portal page, use it as a directory structure where you can have your own index.html and contents.

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Will do.



Will explore, experiment, test and report.

i dont know if this works for you but Microsoft’s Edge supports PWA natively, just follow instructions below, 2-3 easy steps;

Chrome also supports it;

Click on Open as window

Hello. Did you progress on this? Please share your findings.

@revant_one @hsrai The idea is nice but why is frappe/erpnext not doing that via the system settings like that:

  1. Create a new section in System Settings (PWA)
  2. Make a on/on checkbox to activate or deactivate the PWA functionalities.
  3. Let the user fill in all the data from the manifest json (could be via a code window or better as single fields to also define colors/icons etc.) Also let user enter data for the assetlinks.json to get a valid pwa
  4. When activated just save the manifest.json under the root of the web-frontend and the assetlinks.json under /.well-known and like this erpnext can easily be transferred into a pwa for your setup.

Even the mobil app problematics are gone as tools like can be used to quickly pack and sign it as a app for all platforms and publish it to any store you want.

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