Type field Table link Doctype to another Doctype Frappe

I want to display customer profile data in customer. So I created two doctypes, a customer profile where I populated with some data, and a customer doctype, the latter has a reference to customer profile type table. Now I add new customer, and in the customer profile section, I was expecting to auto populate with values from customer profile doc type. It does not do that. However, if I add a value let say profile A, i then go to customer profile I can see the data inserted. Not sure how I can get the customer profile field to auto populate? 1 customer to-many profiles.

Maybe you should try having a customer profile in your customer doc type itself and make it as a data table since you have one to many relationship between customer and profile

Hi Pawan
this is exactly what I have done see the screen shot

Your fieldtype in the table should be “Link” with options as “Customer”

Thanks rmehta, very much appreciated