TypeError: frappe.provide is not a function at login in v10

Hi all,

I observe a strange behaviour after the latest v10.0.5 (Frappe) upgrade (from 10.0.3): when trying to log in (http://localhost:8000/login), the login form does not show up and the browser console reads TypeError: frappe.provide is not a function

I have tried to repeat the bench update, it works without issues. Also, bench build, bench update --requirements and bench migrate work without any issues, but the issue remains.

The system runs on Debian 9 in a development mode.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

If I switch apps/frappe to the master branch, the error disappears. Can maybe someone reproduce this in the latest develop branch (995a384). The issue is reproducible on this machine with switching back to the develop branch…

Hi @lasalesi
Please report this on frappe github

Hi @tundebabzy,

I have created a new issue: