TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable when browsing dashboard

Hi all,

I have a fresh ERPNext setup, so was browsing around and came across this error in the Dashboard section. Any idea what may have caused it, and how to eliminate it?

I combed through every other tab available, and seems that the error only pops in Dashboard.

Can I safely ignore this, or is it a symptom of a bigger issue that may haunt me in the future.

Had the same issue. Version used: ERPNext v12.4.0 & Frappe Framework v12.2.0.

*This is a completely new, with no data at all.

I think I found the reason for my error: The ‘Bank Balance’ dashboard couldn’t track the bank balance because I have renamed the account earlier.

In my opinion, the renaming should actually automatically update the dashboard as well, similar to other doctypes.