Typical costs for fixing issue


I wonder if someone could give me an idea of costs involved to get a bug fixed. I submitted an
issue during may and I am still waiting for it to be evaluated. And its bugging me ( no pun
intended !!! ) more and more. I use project/task management a lot and to view the
task-information in different views does help a lot. And it really would be risky to take the
plunge myself.

For a description , refer to issue #31046. It boils down to the different views of the
tasks in a project …list , Gant , Calander. It also pulls through to the calender-view
of the Course-shcedule in the “Education” module. When the period ends on 31st of the
month, the calender view-bar ends on the 30th. If you set filters in the list-view that results in 3 of the 23 tasks been listed, it does not list only the 3 tasks in the calender view. The calender view shows 23 tasks. This makes it completely useless.

I understand that it depends on what needs to be done, but it would be nice to know what
I am letting myself in for …is it 10s or 100s or 1000s of dollars ???


@johnlongland You have posted your bug in the wrong repository. Try to post it in Gnatt repository.