Typing in the comment field of a UOM changes the comment in all UOMs

I want to clarify what the UOMs mean and explain how to use them by putting this info in the comment field but when I type a comment in for one UOM it changes all of them to the same comment.
Thank you

@herb: could you please specify the version of ERP N and Frappe on your system?

I just tried working with Units of Measure (UOM) on my replica of the system running

  • ERP Next 7.2.30
  • Frappe 7.2.30

I was able to put a comment to just one UOM without affecting others. Here is the sequence of actions I did on my end

  1. Go to the desk
  2. Navigate to Setup > UOM to get UOM List view open
  3. Click on any UOM (Kg, for example)
  4. Navigate to Add comment section of the UOM and put a comment
  5. Click ‘Comment’ button to actually put a comment to just a current UOM (Kg, in my example)

I am using the online version not a downloaded bench or Frappe.

I see now, if I click on “Comment” practically hiding over at the far right all by its lonesome in small greyed out letters and it will work the way it should. Such a simple oversight on my part but it caused me to lose alot of time trying over and over to get it right as I setup the software for my company late at night.

I am not sure if you are involved with improving the program but if you are…

It looks like I should click on the word “Save” because it is boldly and colorfully shown at the top of the page. If you click on Save because it looks like the obvious next step (not Comment) it puts the comment into all of the UOMs. Try it. Who would know by just looking at the screen that “Comment” was even something to click. I guess that for those who have worked on this for years it is obvious. But really I would think the pages, forms and documents of this program need to be targeted to users not developers. Some functional visual improvements by a fresh set of eyes, a professional in marketing maybe, but someone not too familiar with it, so that out of the box it is more intuitive not so clunky for the employees of a company. Whether they are part time, full time, temporary or new, putting in customers, parts, suppliers, orders etc. they would get up to speed and be more productive faster with better visual clues.

Or am I missing the point of open source? Is the plan that others should take this and create their own version to use and or sell?

Any way, thank you gvyshnya for your quick and helpful reply.

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@herb: thanks for your message and explanations.

The way you tried to do the operation was really helpful to expose a new bug in the system - I just filed it per Comments posted to all UOMs rather then to a current one · Issue #8151 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I was able to reproduce it on my instance of ERP Next 7.2.30, too.

As for your point on open source projects, you are absolutely correct. The philosophy of any good open-source product (Frappe and ERP Next, in particular) is to collect good ideas / improvement suggestions from every community member, making them the part of the next trunk codebase updates wherever possible. Obviously bigger customers may choose to deploy their own replica of ERP Next (rather then use erpnext.com cloud) as well as develop custom Frappe applications to customize the system according to their requirements (whether in-house or via engagement with an external ERP Next implementation partner). However, this is anyway built on top of trunk ERP Next releases maintained by core team in Frappe and the emerging tasks forces of newly created ERP Next Foundation.

Having fresh eye on the product and its UI usability, you will surely be able to contribute with good improvement suggestions. Please feel free to keep posting them on the forum and/or open new issues in erpnext repository on GitHub (the latter will help to bring visibility into the problems/suggestions you identify).

As for my role, I am not involved into ERP Next system improvement directly as I am not the member of the core team in Frappe. I represent one of ERP Next implementation partners (namely, DigiThinkIt, Inc - http://digithinkit.com). However, our team sometimes contributes some fixes and tweaks here and there, to make the platform better overall.

The recent examples of this sort were as follows

  • Added Featured Image attribute to blog posts on a Web site managed by Frappe/ERP Next as well as respective Frappe starter theme tweaks to support it in the site UI (https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/2886)
  • Added capability to import and export content of Web pages between instances of ERP Next, using ERP Next’s Data Import tool (https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/2920)
  • Fixed critical bug with visibility of documentation for custom apps installed on a Frappe bench instance to all web sites managed by this instance (regardless the applications enabled on a particular web site or not) (https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/2924)