Typless Integration for Invoice OCR

I’m looking for a way to simplify the manual entry of invoice and I think this could be a good integration to make with ERPNext.


I need something where pdf invoices that I receive are automatically decoded and set into draft state for review (or directly submitted if it works well enough).

There is no integration like that, that I’m aware with ERPNext. There is an app but it only do the ocr and no invoice creation or anything more…

I can test and adapt the code because I have so base in web programming bit I just need to get started on how to do that from somebody that have experience.

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Hi Samuel,

That’s a great idea. You mean that you have an E-Mail ID that ERPNext listens to and the Supplier Invoices that an organization receives from it’s suppliers are parsed and a draft Purchase Invoice is created on ERPNext that the organization’s users review, modify appropriately and submit?

I mean that would be a a cool thing to do and a productivity booster. However for stock items you will need to ensure that the items in the supplier invoice can be resolved to an item code on ERPNext. Which basically means that the Supplier will have to use the Same Item Codes in the Invoice as the receiving organization.

This could be easier to make it work for services.

I am sure a developer (I am not one) would pick up this thread and help you along the way.



@JayRam, Stock item mapping should resolve the issue for different stock item name used by suppliers and buyers.

We are also building similar functionality for connected suppliers and buyers through our proprietary software AccXchange. We are extending the present solution that works perfectly for sales to purchase conversion between Tally and Busy software using companies in India. Few demo videos are available at Demo Videos

This should first be used for recurring invoices that are easy to deal with, with no stock entries.