UAE - ERPNext Meetup Apr 20th

Hello All,
It was great talking to all. As discussed we have decided to have our first UAE community meeting on April 20th in Dubai. Post 6=4 pm. The location will be updated in the thread soon. We request the participants to pick a topic so as to share their experience / knowledge at the meeting.

Please let anyone interested / using / providing service in ERPNEXT know about the same and perhaps lead them to this link.

Please participate in this thread. Let us know if you would be joining and do share suggestions

Join up on the telegram group to get the exact location of our meeting.

Thanking you,


Best wishes for the first UAE meetup.

Tagging @konrad @Sami_Tayara @sanjay.kumar @Faraz @jjk_saji and other members in the UAE to collaborate on it and make it a success.

ERPNext community generally has three types of stakeholders, Customers (end users), Developers, Service Providers. A session of each of these stakeholders should be good starting point. Simultaneously, we should evangelise open source software, it’s benefits and position ERPNext in the same space.

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ready for the meetup

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Please join the UAE Telegram Group at

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Can we’ve WhatsApp group instead?

whatsapp please

@oxwivi @farhanayyaz1 . In the first meeting all the participants agreed to use telegram. Hence why we there now. A good feature is we can just share a link and people can join the group without the need to share any number. There is around 12 people on the group already and would be hard to coordinate everyone to change.


Happy to hear about the meetup …

I’m interest to join the meeting

Guys… I’m traveling back in Dubai after Ramadan. Please keep me posted. May be I will participate next meeting. Jp 0551237275. Add me to your WhatsApp group

So we have shifted the meeting to 20th , 4pm in Dubai. Join up our telegram group to get the exact location. Telegram: Join Group Chat