UI Layout Issue on latest Chrome 54

It happens on most link / filter / searching fields… it makes users having difficulties to select items

Hi, already opened an issue:


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This particular issue is fixed via Filter issue in Chrome 54 · Issue #2176 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

@felix issue is still there, updated to the last devel version … i’m facing in Safari and Chrome as well …see pic:

As far as I can see

  1. the filter issue at the beginning of this thread is fixed ([ui-fix] ui-autocomplete z-index fix frappe/frappe#2176 by netchampfaris · Pull Request #2191 · frappe/frappe · GitHub)
  2. I have not had time to test the datepicker fix ([ui] fix datepicker z-index by netchampfaris · Pull Request #2218 · frappe/frappe · GitHub)
  3. The overlap problem when there are two linked fields, which you mentioned in your github issue, is still present.


I’m still facing the first showed in the issue other then calendar …it comes up when the input field is a Link type field …i’ve last update … version 7.1

In timesheet is even worse since you can’t even click the calendar without making the modal disappear

It happens to frappe erpnext v6 as well…

The latest chrome update is giving issues. @netchampfaris is fixing them.

@netchampfaris FYI i’miei having issues also on safari

The issue has been fixed. Will be released soon.

@netchampfaris great to know … :+1: thx

@netchampfaris Thanks for sorting this, but just to clarify that the above issues exist in all latest browser versions, firefox, chrome or safari, fields are all over the place + datepicker does not work on some of them…

i hope this is fixed…

many thanks for your support

Hi all

anyone knows if these issues have been fixed? as it is, just impossible to use the PO or any other forms, drop downs and date pickers…

would appreciate it if this can be fixed at earliest please

many thanks

Hello community i would also like to report this issue where prices are not been load in ITEMS TABLE as in Invoice / Quotation and Sales Order DOC Types after upgrading to V 7.1 You can check the same issue is also appearing in beta.erpnext.com

Inconsistencies in data of demo.erpnext.com will be fixed soon.

@ermalc Yes. The problem has been identified on Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and they have been fixed in latest 7.1.4

@Randy_Lowery Demo and beta have been fixed. Please check if the ‘NaN’ issue still persists.

@neilLasrado thank you for your quick response. here s the result, it also happens on my private servers since version 7.1.x

@Randy_Lowery would request you to please start a separate thread with this issue