UI redesign strategy?

Wanted to ask we have been using Sage Evolution ERP and would like to move to ERPnext and we would like to resign the whole user interface to match it the same as the system we are currently using so wanted to ask which is the best way to do , develop an app separately and link it with ERPnext API or to go into ERPNEXT source code and change???

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I have the same question. Kindly share if you find anything.
I tried looking at how they redesigned ERPNext UI in v12 → v13 but haven’t found anything worth sharing yet.

Yes it is possible but then you may face difficulties while upgrading it.
You need to have proper knowledge of Frappe Framework. i have redesigned 2 to 3 times for my clients and it’s working fine. Redesign requires some or many core modifications as per requirements.

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Could you kindly provide a link for where to start on desk UI Redesign?
Thank you.