UI revamp, flexibility to switch between desk and dashboard

I’ve always preferred Frappe framework to

Design website
Implementation of ERP
Backend server for hosting files

over Django because of it’s ease of documentation, usage and out of the box customisations.

But every software application has bottleneck like Frappe has it as a GUI.
User don’t like it’s user interface and I’ve experienced it also.
End users don’t like to jump between different pages, they want to have everything on same page.
Why? because it’s become harder to remember different layouts( like list, doctype, reports) and they can’t be productive while remembering all these different layouts, even some users aren’t that educated or intelligent unlike a developer to use it.

Solution can be a dashboard with sidebar and navigation bar so that user can easily switch between different pages without changing or moving to different pages.

I have designed the dashboard for the company and they really like to use it and it has also improved their productivity 3x.

Dashboard Ref Video:

Website Ref Video:

It’d be better to name your post title something about the GUI revamp, not about fundamentally switching stacks; same goes with the irrelevant post tags. Regardless, your dashboard looks really good!

Here’s my outsider and “newbie” perspective:

While a feature like a “custom desk” interface feature would be beneficial, solely relying on a dashboard like this would severely limit Frappe’s core conventions. – Perhaps open a post discussing the potential for a custom desk interface?

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Thank you for your suggestion.

If dashboard limits the frappe core conventions then, rather than replacing the existing desk we can have the feature to enable/disable the suggested dashboard.

frappe framework uses hash change routing to render form, list, tree, reports and pages which makes changes related to new dashboard so simple.

Find the reference link below for dashboard which I am using in example(node setup):

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it looks nice,
is it webpage ?,can we do portal same like this.
without changing core file can we do this

please share if any hint to do same like this

There are already a lot of improvements in this area:

Kind regards,

Awesome!, Just there!
I can see gradual improvement in UI.
That was user feedback which I’ve shared in this post, I know frappe/community is doing great and will come up with better and robust solution.