Un-editable Grid Quotation view is not correct

I’m trying to have standard Quotation item columns for all my users.
To do that, if I understand well, I have to Uncheck Editable Grid (because when I edit it for myself it’s perfect but nobody else see what I see).

I would be great to be able to just use the editable grid option and then push that to everybody else or “save it and lock it”.

Then I try to configure the column field of each Quotation item so it fit.
But right now, it look like that and I lost the possibility to enter item code directly:

I’m on ERPNext: v14.10.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.18.1 (version-14)

any ideas?

Hi Samuel,

I might be misunderstanding your goals, but if you want to set columns for everyone you might be better of using the “Customize Form” tool. Just check “show in list view” for the column you want to make visible to everyone. Have you tried that, and if so what about it didn’t work for you?

this is what I was trying and it did what I screenshot

Okay. In that case, I don’t really understand what you were trying to do by turning off the editable grid. You shouldn’t need to mess with that. Fields marked “Show in list view” should appear for everyone.

I just want to customize the default table view for everybody.

If I customize it for me, it’s only for me and not the other users. If I want to change it for all users, I select the option show in list view and play with the width setting but it look like the screenshot I posted.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing, unfortunately. If you post the exact steps you took, I can try.

I just did a “Reset to default” and this is what I see after unchecking “Editable Grid” option in the Customize form of the Purchase order item.

Note that the Item that I choose is not on an editable text field

I think just using the editable grid and double checking for all users is the best and simple way to do it. Other way doesnt work anymore.

Right…that’s what editable grid does. It has nothing to do with whether columns are visible for you or everyone. If you leave editable grid alone set to true, you can determine what columns your users see by using the “Show in list view” property.

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