Un-synchronized Process for Sales Return

Hi ERPNext Community,

I would like to get some advice relating to performing a sales return as I noticed the process is un-synchronized and I found myself closing orders/delivery notes/invoices manually which I’m afraid might have unforeseen impact to the ledgers.

My understanding of the selling process:
Sales Order > Delivery Note > (Optional) Sales Return > Sales Invoice > (Optional) Sales Return > Payment Entry

Here is the process I have gone through:

  1. Submitted sales order with 70 qty of item
  2. Submitted delivery note with 70 qty of item
  3. Submitted sales return of -20 qty of item
  4. Created sales invoice from the delivery note but it recognized qty 70 instead of 50. I have to use the “Get Items from” option to pull in qty -20 due to sales return. Someone who doesn’t has knowledge of the return might forgotten to pull in qty -20.
  5. I wasn’t able to submit sales invoice as it don’t accept -20 qty. Thus I have to manually change qty 70 to 50. Here is where i start to feel that the process is un-synchronized but this is just the start.
  6. Upon submitting sales invoice successfully, there are many leftover breadcrumbs in the process.
  7. If i check the stock level of the item, there’s a reserved qty of 20 because it was in sales order and delivery note but not paid.
  8. I went to sales order and delivery note page, my sales order and delivery note is not auto completed because of the sales return of -20 qty. I guess it’s assuming I have not delivered to customer yet. Thus I have to manually close the sales order and delivery note.
  9. Only at this stage I feel that I have removed the leftover breadcrumbs. However, my fear is that it doesn’t do the necessary adjustment to ledger as I’m not sure if manually closing of sales order and delivery note is the right way.

Could anyone advise me? Thank you.

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Any help/advice here?

Thanks in advance.

I think you should cancel the SO and amend to match the order.
Delivery note return seems for return for warranty process or exchange with new one.

@ivankhor whats your actual use case ?

In case the order was modified before the delivery was actually made try updating the sales order itself.

In case you delivered the product and it was returned, use this workflow

Sales Order → Delivery Note → Sales Invoice (or Sales Invoice → Delivery Note) then

Delivery Note → Sales Return & Sales Invoice → Sales Return

Note- you do not change the order quantities here, just make sure you enter the correct negative qty of the returned products in both return Delivery Note and Sales Return.

For the Sales Order you will have to manually close it.

I have sent a PR to link return Delivery Note with Sales Invoices some time back. I have been able to effectively manage the stock using this workflow.

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