Unable to accept or close Job on Community Portal

Hi Team,
One of our client would like to accept job created by him few days back. On the community portal, he is getting an error when he tried to accept the bid and close the job after which he can leave comments.

Need your help in this.

Job url:

@kanhaiya why don’t you ask someone from your team to send a fix :smile:

Ok Rushabh. Thanks for your reply.

@gangadhar_k @gupteshwar
Please look into it.

Any progress ?

Hello sir,
We have installed basic setup. Priya was quite busy with kf so couldn’t
close it. Probably she will work on it tomorrow.
I will update you the status tomorrow eod

@kanhaiya Fixed now!

Thanks for your help @rmehta

@gangadhar_k we took very long to close this issue.