Unable to access desk after login in ERPNext in version-12

Hello Guys,

I am not able to access desk in erpnext version-12.

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Please help me

You will have to share/show a bit more than that if you need help.
Which OS, how did you install, is it production/dev mode? etc

Show screenshots or tracebacks

Hi trentmu,

Thanks for replay !!
I have used below environment. Faced issue while add custom script in HEAD tag in website settings.

Installed Apps

OS: ubuntu
ERPNext: v12.4.3 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.1.0 (version-12)

How can i add custom script in HEAD tag in website ?
Please help me

Custom scripts often break the system. I don’t know much about them either. Generally I can try to help with standard installation, but once it moves to custom items, I am not the best guy