Unable to access erpnext after fresh installation

I am unable to access the site after fresh installation, getting error “Don’t panic. It’s not you, it’s us.” I am able to access the site when I run bench serve --port 9001. Someone please help me to fix the issue.

@rajesh.keladimath acess the bench console and run:

frappe.db.set_global("__session_status", None)
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@max_morais_dmm : I executed above statements but still facing the same issue.

@rajesh.keladimath what is the return of frappe.db.get_global("__session_status")

@max_morais_dmm giving empty response.

@rajesh.keladimath check the supervisor process status, with “supervisorctl status all”

@max_morais_dmm Thanks for the hint. There was no configuration file for supervisor. Issue was fixed after regenerating the configuration file for supervisor with “bench setup supervisor”.