Unable to access ERPNext from Top Level Domain

Dear Community,

I have set up ERPNext on AWS.

I have a domain name and set up for multitenancy.

Bench new site is working perfectly fine. http://xyz.erp.com is working fine.

However when i put http://erp.com, it throws a 502 error

We will be back soon.

Don’t panic. It’s not you, it’s us.
Most likely, our engineers are updating the code, and it should take a minute for the new code to load into memory.

Try refreshing after a minute or two.

I checked supervisorctl and it is is working fine.

Is it someting to do with my DNS setup?

Seems site not migrated properly or nginx not setup.

bench --site site_name migrate
bench --site site_name set-maintenance-mode off
bench --site site_name scheduler resume
bench setup nginx
sudo servie nginx reload
sudo supervisorctl restart all

Hi @saurabh6790

Many thanks for the reply. Steps are done but still cannot be shown.

I think it is how i set up my dns. Will probe further and update.