Unable To Access Opportunities (Since Update)

We are no longer able to access Opportunities ever since the new update. We use these regularly and need access to them.

When we click on Opportunity from the CRM or the Customer’s Page we get the same error.

Not found
DocType Sales Sales - Calabria Cabinetry Maintenance not found
The resource you are looking for is not available

Any updates? This is affecting our workflows and productivity!

If you’re a user of the Frappe ERPNext platform as I understand you are then you should have an email address to raise support issues. If you give your customer no they will deal with you more quickly.

This does need fixing quickly though @rmehta can you assist ?

I have submitted it via forum, chat and “report issue”. The 3 ways one can let ERP know under the Help option.

We are having the same issue. Since the upgrade we get the “DocType Sales Service not found”. Hoping someone can help us out!