Unable to access service provider portal


I am unable to access https://community.erpnext.com/jobs

Is all data gets migrated to new site https://erpnext.org/jobs

some important data is missing like
Existing allocated and completed jobs.
Service provider ranking based on completed jobs.
Logo images.
Delete Job
Bid Job


@kolate_sambhaji we are retiring the service provider portal and this will now be a part of the foundation. The way the listing priority will work is that members will be listed on top.

The bidding workflow was probably an overkill and it seemed not everyone used it. If you think it was worth it, try and migrate it to the https://github.com/erpnext/foudnation repo and send a PR!


There are 73 service provider in india and 150+ across word.
It will difficult for end customer to select service provider.

It will help if we have Completed/Assigned job status, feedback from client.
I got lot of work due to service provider profile, but now it is blank and no completed work is showing on profile.

Instead of bidding we can have submit proposal text editor.

Also, become member option not working.

I will check both community and foundation app and then will work on pull request.