Unable to add a job on ERPNext.org

Hey Community!
I was looking to post a job on the ERPNext.org but there seems to be some error. Can someone be kind enough to check so that everyone can continue posting jobs. Image below for reference.

Yes I can replicate the issue… Will fix this soon… Thanks for reporting.

We have fixed the issue, thank you so much reporting. You should be able to post a new job now.

Thank you so much for the prompt response. I am just posting the job now.

There is another small issue which is non-breaking though. The margins in some of the pages are nearly zero leading to the page content veering towards the top left. Should I open another topic for that?

I was trying to post and getting another error now.
The input box where we enter the job description is getting initialised again and again on clicking save button (and maybe also during pasting any text in the original input box. Hence, still unable to post a job. Kindly check.
Posting screenshot below:

Hi Shubham,

Yes we are working on the current issue, (seems related to the combination of Summernote with BS4). Please expect a fix shortly.


Thanks for reply. Yes, purpose was to report so it can be looked into.

I am in no hurry and understand issue can take time to fix. Shall check myself once in evening.


I checked today and this is still not fixed. Also wanted to know if there is any other way to post a job in the meanwhile. Maybe some API etc?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is API TO Add Job :slightly_smiling_face:

First Login:
usr:your user name or email
pwd:your password

“doctype”: “Portal Job”,
“status”: “Open”,
“job_type”: “Setup”,
“description”: “Test”,
“title”: “Test3”,
“company_name”: “Test”,
“contact_number”: “1234567890”,
“country”: “India”

Sorry ERPNEXT Community by mistake i did add two erpnext job for testing purpose in submitted form so i am not able to delete it so please any one delete that jobs from portal

Thank you so much for this. Have finally managed to post the job:grinning:

Note for anyone trying this for posting job themselves, make sure you use https:// before the url as well [we remained stuck on this for some time before realising it] and also replace the double quotes with " after copying above data param in second method.