Unable to add a new role i created to access report (stock balance report)


Please, what role and permission can enable me to add more role permission to a doctype.

For example, I wanted to give a new role I created permission to view the stock balance report but i was not able to add the new role on the list of roles that can access the document on the doctype.
I attached a pix below for more clarification

When i click on “Add Row” it will not allow me to add a Role in the row.

Go through search Role List >> add new Record
It will reflect in the row for selection.

Thanks for your response, sir. The role I created is showing on the list, but if I try to add it on the doc as you added the POS, the row will not be editable.

It looks like I don’t have permission to edit the document. even though am logged in as a system manager, I still don’t have the right to edit the document.

I need to know what rights(permission) I can have to be able to edit the doctype

Hi @emmakezie, please check the developer mode is on or not.
use following command to set developer mode:
bench set-config developer_mode 1
try above command in frappe-bench folder.

Thank you sir. It’s through,the developer mode is not on.
I won’t be able to do it myself,I am just an accountant. I will ask the installer to activate it.

Check Role Permission Manager for Page and Report:


Thank you sir. It solves my problem since I don’t have developer access