Unable to add children in Item Group

I’m trying to make an import with Data Import tool. I have some Item groups I should create before that but I’m unable to make those. If I add an item manually I can create the item group but I can’t create it from the Item Group Tree page.

When clicking “New”, it says: “Select a group node first.”
I have selected “Products” that would be the parent group into which I’d like to add new children. It also doesn’t expand the list and show the existing children created via single products added manually but those Item groups do exist.

If I try to search in the admin and make straight “New Item Group”, it doesn’t go to any page even if “New Item Group” comes to the drop down list as a guessed function to use.

I’m using the Administrator account, so it shouldn’t be a permission issue.

The Item Group Node that you are adding has to have a Group Node as it’s parent. It cannot have a Item Group that has items directly underneath it.

Hope this helps.



So, item group “Products” have already children. But I can’t add on the Item Group tree page more children without adding also manually a product first (during the process while filling a form for a product an item group can be added but not otherwise).

Your best bet is to create a Group Node above Products, and then make this Group Node as Products’ Parent, and then add other Child Nodes under this Group Node,

Hope this helps.


I found the problem! The standard default installation item group “Products” was not having a selection on “Group node” in its info. I assumed it is a group node since you could make children groups below it while creating new items. But that was the reason that on the Item Group Tree page ALL the children were invisible until I selected that “Products” is a “group node”.

So, it was a simple answer but I was mislead that the system allowed to make children groups while creating individual items.

Now I have all previous children visible on the Item Group Tree page and I’m able to make new ones. Also the menu item “add child” appeared first time.