Unable to add item in "Restaurant order entry" form

Hello everyone,

I am trying to add item in the “Restaurant order entry” form but in the “Add item” box only 1 item is displayed.

The item shows all the entries. But only one of them is displayed in “Add item” box.

I’m not sure if this is bug or not.


Hello Deepak,

There is a filter applied for Item,

Table = Dorwaila-Restaurant-140

due to which only one Item is showing.

Thank you Umar. How can I remove this filter?
The form starts with entering the “Restaurant Table” option.

Hello Everyone,

Please suggest how to remove the table filter.


If anyone comes across this post, the issue is the option - “1 active menu” for the restaurant. You can create n number of menus using the “restaurant menu” option but only 1 menu can be assigned as “active menu” in the Restaurant ( bug or feature?). If you try to add an item in the "Restaurant order entry” form from a different menu that is not “active” then it will not be fetched. Basically, the solution is, create 1 menu and all the items in it, whether its a breakfast menu or dinner.