Unable to add to Naming Series list for Serial No

I am unable to create a new naming series for some of the transactions (I tried with Serial No, Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice).

When I click “Update”, I get the message Series Updated, but these changes don’t reflect in the Update Series Prefix section. Also the changes are lost if I reload the page or select another transaction.

It is working for some transactions (I tried for Supplier, Student)


For the Serial No. Naming Series is defined in the relevant Item master only. Please check.


Thank you for this response, I checked it out and it works.

But what I wanted to implement is kind of a global serial no applied to finished products as they get manufactured (Regardless of the item, they all have serial no is the same series). Is this possible?

Hi everyone, Any updates on this? We would like serial numbers to follow a standardized format for all item types. Can we create a global Serial No series?

Hello @Vinit & @umair,

I tried to add the naming series field in my “Stock Entry Detail” form as check if it works or not. Seems, serial series only works from Item master. But, not all the time we would have same naming series.

There must be an option to enter a serial sequence in stock entry, purchase receipt, sale delivery etc. If I want to sale/entry 10/20/30 (Serial series frequently changes) pcs serialized item from available serials, entering single serials in the field is time consuming.

Is there any way?