Unable to cancel and amend journal entry as account manager

I created a workflow on journal entry so that my account assistance can only create entry while i will be the one to review it before submitting.
I found out now that after submitting i was not able to cancel and amend again. But i use to have this priviledge before i created the work flow.

Can some please help me on what to do to be able to cancel and amend a submitted journal entry again

Check if your workflow handles the cancelled state. If not, then create one:


Attached is snapshot of what i created. Kindly help me check if i did it wrong sir and correct me

Thank you sir

In your case, the rejected state is the Cancelled state as it has docstatus = 2.

Create a new transition to jump from Submitted state to Rejected state in the Transition Rules.

For more information, go through the documentation again: