Unable to change Company Abbreviation

When I try to change the company abbreviation I get the error below

I see the same thing too… I wish I could just delete a test company I made but the system refuses … so I’m going to just leave it I guess… but I can’t change the abbreviation so I can use the proper abbreviation on the new company… Doh!

In new version you cant change company abbrevation. Delete the company and make newone.

i also encounter that

Frappe has disabled the ability to change company abbreviations. But you can still achieve this manually by dumbing your database and using a manual replace query to make the change.

You can change your company abbreviation by following these steps:

  1. mysqldump -u user -p yourdatabasename > ./yourpreferredname.sql (You can also use bench backup command here and just go to the backup folder to extract the database file and then go to the next step)

  2. sed -i 's/oldAbbreviarion/newAbbreviation/g' ./yourpreferredname.sql

  3. mysql -u user -p yourdatabasename < ./yourpreferredname.sql. (You can also use bench restore here to restore the database

This should help you replace your abbreviation with the preferred one.

Caveat: If there are texts or parts of texts that match your abbreviation in your database, they will get replaced too so ensure you are aware of this before using this method.

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Thank for the advice. I have a similar problem of renaming the abbreviations. Where do I begin?
What is this “yourpreferredname?” Can you give an example of the commands.

This is the name you give your database file you just dumped