Unable to change field options on new doctype from new version

Here is the case, I have v10 erpnext and I made the restore in a v12 server, after a several atempts I made it,

But in the CRM Module, in the field market segment (it was select field) I wrote other options,

But in the v12 version this field is a DocType, and the field is a Link type,

I only have to delete those select options that I wrote in the v10 version(In the restoration process that field were filled with the v10 information), and write the DocType to link those documents, but I cant modify manually those fields.

I there a way to do that? or I missed some step in the restauration process? or I made something wrong in the v10?

Thanks in advance.

Via “Customize Form” → “Lead” (for example) I can edit the field market_segment, write “Market Segment” as only option for the Link, and create a new Market Segment via the search bar that should show up in the drop-down afterwards.

Which part doesn’t work for you?

When I try that


I can’t change it.

You can enable developer mode than you can edit it.


Thanks @youssef, I did that already, but I can’t change it anyways. I don’t know why, I though that would work.

Go to the original doctype , it well allow you to edit everything withe developer mode on.

In the original DoctType Is correct, It is setup as it should be.

Try to make a new select custom filed and than download template with all data , with excel you can edit the data in the file and upload it again .
So you can hide unnecessary filed.