Unable to change the field width

Hi All ,

I am unable to change the field width , came to know from one of the post that the unit is px , but when I enter the field width and print field width nothing gets changed . Please help .

Also is there any option to add columns instead of rows ?

You can use Column Break fields to break your document into columns. As far as the field width, I’m not sure.

Even after using column break I’m not able to add a new field as a column , instead it is getting added as a new row ?

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish, if you are trying to add a new column to a table, such as the item table in a sales order, then you must edit that table. If you could share some screenshots, it would help.

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I want D1 ,…D4 headings to be in the center of below data boxes . and min max to be aligned as per the boxes to the left.

Thanks in advance

For the columns on the left, you could break each row into a section break without a display name, which should align the fields. for the headers, the only thing I can think of is to add spaces to the name, but I’m not sure if that will work.

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Tried adding spaces to the name but it did not work , and for the columns on the left i did exactly what you have mentioned still the problem persists

@ragav This cannot be achieved out of the box. you will have to write a custom UI for this.

Thank you sir . Could you please guide me with any tutorial link to create a custom UI ?

Also please enlighten me with a link on how to create custom fields ?

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How did you managed to change the section’s color ?

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