Unable to connect through ERPNext Mobile https://test12.erpnext.com failed with status 417

Hi, my goal is to use the ERPNext with the ERPNext Mobile app.

My expected result: I can login both from a browser and from the ERPNext Mobile app.

My actual result: I can login from a browser but I can’t login from the ERPNext Mobile app.

I have the same error when using version 13

Do you mean the ERPNext Mobile app works with version 12?

I am new to the ERPNext, I have not tried it yet. But as per my knowledge from this GitHub page frappe/mobile: Mobile App for Frappe built on Flutter [beta] (github.com). It should only works on version 13. Feel free to CMIIW.

Anyway, what do you think about the ERPNext? Is it stable? I am thinking to migrate from Odoo since the pricing is more friendly, per site instead of per user. Could you help me by sharing your experience?

version 13 there is frappe framework not erpnext, you need to check your frappe version and erpnext version, so post here, maybe someone can help us.

I can’t find the ERPNext version, I just register through the website, I assume I have the latest version?. However, the ERPNext Mobile version is 0.0.14, according to the Play Store. Am I using the right app, it seems the last time the app was updated was on 12 September 2019.

You will need to figure out what is happening, because the support is not present at all, I have a lot of questions here, nobody answer, nobody help.

welcome to our world, dear fellow, here frappe is damaged in a completely random way and nobody answers for why