Unable to connect using webui

Hello, I have set up containerized docker as following as i am connecting to external mariadb

docker compose -f compose.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.noproxy.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.erpnext.yaml \
  -f overrides/compose.redis.yaml \
  config > gitops/docker-compose.yml

my dockers started well…

no error in site bench

however, when i try to login webui, it shows error .

my external nginx is setup as following

however, when i try to login using weburl, it give error as well.

sorry for so many post as i am only allowed to post 1 embedded item per post as a new user.
May i know what am i missing here?

try this command :slight_smile:

bench use <your site_name>


bench deepak.com


bench start

Hello @Deepak_Kumar4 , i tried bench use and get the following message.

there is no such command as bench start when i try it. by the way , i am using docker installation.


Are you running these commands in frappe directory??