Unable to create a duplicate of doctype

my problem is that i wanted to create a new module according to my need and wanted to edit certain doc types … but when i try to duplicate a doctype for example delivery note it sows me an error :
“No permission to ‘Create’ DocType”

please guide me through it

Are you logged in using Administrator?
Also check developer_mode in site_config

yep i logged in as administrator…and i dont know how to edit site_config file in virtual machine …please guide me through as i need it badly

use bench --site [sitename] set-config developer_mode 1

thanks for reply sir…it worked…now im able to create a duplicate doc…but there is another problem
for example… i duplicated delivery note document and renamed it as Goods Dispatch Note…after successfully saving it when i opend stock module there wasn’t any document named Goods Dispatch Note…

Ok. I’m using MAC… how do i use this command? I’m sorry I’m not a technical person, just a trying hard ERP user/admin. please guide me. thanks.


open your vm’s command screen after logging in via username you use to update vm e.g username : frappe
pass : frappe (default) type this command there