Unable to create address with specific roles

Hi everyone,

i am trying to give user permission to create new contact’s address, but getting permission issue

  • The user is given to role MSP Sale, MSP RoadWarrior and Customer.
    MSP RoadWarrior: owner can update their data.
    MSP Sale: can only read other user’s data.

  • The user is also give to roles CRM, Lead, CRM.

  • The MSP Sale is given permissions on Address, Lead and Opportunity.

Could you please advice how to give user permission to create/update address?
Thank you.

I think there’s a conflict with your roles. Here’s what I have experiened:

School setup
Coordinator - able to approve submitted grades, can submit grades also
Teacher - cannot approve, can only submit grade

if user A has both Teacher and Coordinator, it’s rights will overlap. Thus User A cannot approve submitted grades anymore. If you want User A to approve grades and at the same time can submit, then you should pick Coordinator only

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thanks @johnskywalker for your tip.

So, to avoid confliction, i have only remained role “MSP Sale” for test user, but still getting error “No permission to create Address”

More detail in below.

  1. Role assignment,

  2. Module access,

  3. Role Permission Manager for “MSP Sale”

Hi how about trying to isolate things first. Ex. for MSP Sale only add Address in Role Permission Manager

@johnskywalker, i tried but not working
the permission for role “MSP Sale” is now as below,

I can see that you are an Administrator. is your Admin has MSP Sale role? Also, try creating specific user for MSP Sale

No, the issue is with other user, not with Administrator.

please any other has idea to solve my issue.
thanks a lot

also found another issue, the contact can be created after clicking “save”, but it doesn’t appear under its own account.
If viewing with Administrator account, they can show :frowning:

Mostly, permission issue, i still don’t understand what happening although all set correctly

Please advise.
Thanks alot