Unable to create Delivery Note of Product Bundle with Items with Batch


I have an Product Bundle item with Maintain Stock set at 0.

The child items is set at Maintain Stock - 1 and have batches.

I am stuck at creating a Delivery Note where it is asking for Batch Number for Product Bundle.

Is there a work around for this or can I confirm that this is a bug?


Created Issue:


Check if “Has Batch No” has been checked in Item record for Product Bundle item? The field “Has Batch No” will not show for non-stock item, but to check the value, please check “Mainitain Stock” temporarily.

Hi @nabinhait

Yes unfortunately Has Batch is checked and there are transactions to the Delivery Note.

I am just wondering, by design for Delivery Note, does a Product Bundle requires quantity in a warehouse even though Maintain Stock is unchecked but Has Batch?