Unable to create new items.... error message "Duplicate name Item XX"

Hi All,

I have created around 220 items using import tool.

Now I am trying to create one more item through stock–>item–>New.

Once I input all the details and click on save, the item code automatically changes to ‘XX’

If I try to create next item again item code changes automatically to ‘XX’ and then it throws an error “Item XX already exists”

Please find below the screenshots below.

Can someone tell me why does item code changes to XX automatically.
(I tried 1 digit,3 digit and 7 digit item code but its always XX in error message!)

Hi @Basawaraj_Savalagi,
please check the item code you have to defined in the csv file.if it is same so give an error.
The item saved name in Db as a item code.

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks for yor reply @sagar

No i am not using csv file at all…

Please check the link below


This is strange!

Do you have any custom code running at backend?
As it seems that some custom code (server side) is changing the item code. Can you please verify the same?

Hmmm… I can be very stupid at times :smiley:

you are right its some custom code that i had written to test something and then totally forgot about it! Didnt even think of going to customize section and checking the scripts!

Thanks a lot :smile:

@adityaduggal just for information… Its javascript not server side script which was changing the code…

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