Unable to create new module


When I go to “Module def list” on my V14 server, I am unable to untick the “custom” check.
I want to create a module to link to my new app.

I have enabled developer mode
I have enabled server script

Is there somethng else that I must do ?

Would appreciate some guidance
Thank you

Hi @willspenc:

Use frappe.boot.developer_mode on browser console. It returns 1?

Thank you @avc for your response

And indeed the response is “undefined”…

I then went back to the site_config.json file and yes the flag is not there.
I was sure I checked the site-file, but I must have slipped up.

I had more than one console open so perhaps I got confused with what machine I was looking at.
I feel a bit stupid. But on the other hand I can carry on.

Apologies for wasting your time, but I do appreciate your response.

Thank you

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