Unable to Create Purchase order or Pur invoice?

i get this error:Row #1: Accepted Warehouse and Supplier Warehouse cannot be same

where is this supplier warehouse filed?

@Mohamed44 if the error says row #1 , the fields should be in the row 1 of the items table

my bad,maybe i should have added what i did:
1-used ‘jump to field’ option.
2-searched through all the options in the edit of row #1.
3-set the default warehouse to ‘x’,which i think is the result of this bug,since it fills all
warehouse fields even hidden,or has conditions for enabling.
i tried to remove the default,then clear the cache through ‘reload’,but that didn’t work.

work around:made another user,everything works fine.

conclusion:maybe there is a logical error in the default system,and/or the cache clearing doesn’t work properly.using:(FireFox-ubuntu)

17h later:now it works fine,but some warehouse fields(rejected warehouse) still use the old(cause i removed it) default warehouse.

This error occurs due to the following.

When the Material Request (MREQ) is created with “Purpose”=“Material Transfer”, ERPNEXT will add the Item’s “Default Warehause” (which has been previeously defined in the Item) and add it to the “from_warehouse” field inside the “Material Request Items” table.

If, afterwards, you change the MREQ purpose to anything else (eg. “Purchase”, “Material Receipt”, etc…), ERPNEXT will not clear the value from the “from_warehouse” field, it will only hide the field. IF, by any chance you happen to put the same “Warehouse” into the “Target Warehouse” field, ERPNEXT will rise the error you mention.

To fix this, change the MREQ’s “Purpose” back to “Material Transfer”, go to the Items table and clear the “from_warehouse” field. Then, you can change the MREQ’s “Purpose” back to your intented “Purpose”.

I hope this helps.