Unable to Create Purchase order or Pur invoice?

i get this error:Row #1: Accepted Warehouse and Supplier Warehouse cannot be same

where is this supplier warehouse filed?

@Mohamed44 if the error says row #1 , the fields should be in the row 1 of the items table

my bad,maybe i should have added what i did:
1-used ‘jump to field’ option.
2-searched through all the options in the edit of row #1.
3-set the default warehouse to ‘x’,which i think is the result of this bug,since it fills all
warehouse fields even hidden,or has conditions for enabling.
i tried to remove the default,then clear the cache through ‘reload’,but that didn’t work.

work around:made another user,everything works fine.

conclusion:maybe there is a logical error in the default system,and/or the cache clearing doesn’t work properly.using:(FireFox-ubuntu)

17h later:now it works fine,but some warehouse fields(rejected warehouse) still use the old(cause i removed it) default warehouse.