Unable to create return delivery note with api

Hi everyone…
I am actually facing an issue in creation of return delivery note with api…
Here is the url: ‘http://excel_erpnext.localhost:8000/api/resource/Delivery%20Note’
Method: POST
Body of api:
“company”: “Excel Technologies Ltd.”,
“contact_email”: “************”,
“customer”: “ETL-0001”,
“is_return”: 1,
“docstatus”: 1,
“total”: -1200,
“total_qty”: -1,
“items”: [
“qty”: -1,
“amount”: -1200,
“rate”: -1200,
“item_code”: “M-208”,
“has_serial_no”: 0,
“cost_center”: “Main - ETL”,
“against_sales_invoice”: “SINV-23-00202”, // Original Sales Invoice you’re returning from
“excel_serials”: “Non Serial Item”
“remarks”: null,
“posting_date”: “2023-08-22”,
“posting_time”: “12:34:00”, // Corrected time format
“set_warehouse”: “HO CURRENT STOCK - ETL”,
“instructions”: null,
“naming_series”: “SDR-.YYYY.-”
The error i am getting:
“exc_type”: “DoesNotExistError”,
“_server_messages”: “["{\"message\": \"Delivery Note None not found\", \"title\": \"Message\", \"indicator\": \"red\", \"raise_exception\": 1}"]”
Can anyone please help me in this matter?

From the error traceback, it appears that you haven’t provided the delivery note reference to initiate the return process for your existing delivery note. Additionally, the body you shared doesn’t seem to be complete.

Hi @Maheshwari_Bhavesh Thanks for replying…
Can you please guide which delivery note reference i have to provide… As i tried to pass the delivery note name which was created on the time of delivery of items… It gives me 200 response with empty json but no delivery note created on erp next?
Can you provide any link of detailed documentation for this?