Unable to create Sales Order from Quotation - No Traceback

Hi, I created a Quotation and unable to create Sales Order.
Path of quotation is from Leads >> Opportunity >> Quotation.
There is no traceback.

I had used v9 and stopped for quite a while.
Used to be very stable back then.

This is an extremely old and unsupported version. Try the latest stable version 14 instead.

Hi @michelle ,

Have updated to the latest.
This scenario happens in the latest stable version of ERPNext 14.

Do you not see a create button in the Quotation? Please share screenshots.

Alternatively, you should see a Get Items From button in Sales Order.

Am doing this from Quotation page.


That’s right. You should be able to create a SO from here.

what do you mean by this? is the data from quotation not getting copied?

Yup, but I think I know why.

The Lead has not been converted in a Customer.
Once I created my Lead as a Customer, then it allows me to create Sales Order from Quotation DocType.