Unable to create shortcuts and charts on workspace

Hi everyone,
I’m currently using v14 (ERPNext: v14.0.0-beta.1 (version-14-beta) & Frappe Framework: v14.0.0-beta.1 (version-14-beta)) and I’m experiencing an issue with the creation of shortcuts and charts on Workspace.
During the process of editing the workspace, I try to add a new shortcut or a chart but no options are displayed at all, just a new empty block is added and it doesn’t give me the chance to add any content inside but text.
I’m also experiencing a strange behaviour when editing Link Cards (no matter if I do it from Settings or trying to edit them from workspace): once I’ve done the customizations, I try to save the changes and suddenly all card breaks dissapear, only one left behind, and links are all merged into one single card.
The point is that I’ve trying to understand why this happens and find a solution (I’ve also tried several browsers and I’ve checked I have all the permissions as Administrator). By the way, is there also any way to reset the customizations of a module in this version?

Thanks in advance.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing.
No way to reset customizations.
Can’t add charts, cards, shortcuts …
This should be pointed as a bug so it can be fixed before v14 final release.

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where can l get V14 ERPNext beta

When installing Frappe and ERPNext use branch 14-beta-pre-release

is v14 already being deployed

@Merabtene , Yes. Same facing issue in erpnext v14 new release.

Any solution ? Please guide us.


Was this issue sorted or tracked? Am facing same issue in Frappe framework itself on v14

Hi @meetpradeepp,

Please check it.

Thank You!