Unable to deduct PF, PT under deduction

Hi there,
I am trying to deduct PT, PF from basic salary but unable to do so.
Even checked the check box calculated through formula. but still nothing works.
I ll attach an image for the same to show you the problem.
Please help me do the same

and moreover it adds all the professional tax to an employee salary slip.
I have given a condition on the same but i think the condition is not working for any deduction.
Let me know what i am doing wrong.


If Salary Component is being calculated based on formula, then check Preview Salary Slip for the Amount.


Still Deduction shows Three Professional Tax, Even that should be just one.
but it is adding all the professional tax.
I dont know what may be the problem but analysing it and it seems that its not able to read the condition an formula.
So what could be the possible solution?


Professional tax is appearing thrice, because you have entered it that many times in the Salary Structure. Can you please explain condition based on which Professional Tax should be applied? It will help us in replicate it locally as well.

For professional tax there are three conditions and accordingly it will apply the tax
base < 6000 PT=0
base >=6000 PT=80
base >=9000 PT=150
base >=15000 PT=200

Any update on this?

You should mention conditions like:

base < 6000 and base < PT = 0
base > 6000 and < 8999
base > 9000 and < 14999
base >=15000

Thanks it works now.
@umair Appreciate your help.!

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