Unable to Delete Company Transactions: Company name not same

Hi all, I was trying out ERPNext and therefore I created a fake company with fake transactions. So I was trying to delete all the transactions but I received an error message that reads “Company Name not Same” as shown below:


  1. I did change the name of the company but when I received this error message, I changed it back.
  2. I don’t think it is due to the name change because I also created several other companies under this site. None of their names were changed but still I couldn’t delete them.

Can anyone point me a way to delete all these transactions?


separate your current company from the parent company, remove parent company and try again

Looks like if the company name has spaces, then you’ll have the error. Work around is temporarily change company name then delete before changing name back. Bug maybe?

It doesnt work for me, even if I remove spaces in company names. Has anyone got around to finding a workaround?