Unable to Delete the Tasks in the Project Module

Hello Everyone,
I just created the takes under the parent task but now I m not able to delete the child task even after removing the parent task in that child task form. Images are attached below.
Screenshot from 2022-10-20 10-15-29
Note that Task-2022-00012 is the parent task.
And the TASK -2022-00014 I removed the task parent task still not able to delete the task.

I m Getting such an error.

Thanks In Advance

Hi @srushti,

I think please remove the task from the Dependent Tasks table.

Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

Thanks For Reply,
I had Already Removed the dependent task.

Hi @srushti

You should remove the parent task value in task no TASK-2022-00012 because its mapped with it thats why its not removed