Unable to Delete the Tasks in the Project Module

Hello Everyone,
I just created the takes under the parent task but now I m not able to delete the child task even after removing the parent task in that child task form. Images are attached below.
Screenshot from 2022-10-20 10-15-29
Note that Task-2022-00012 is the parent task.
And the TASK -2022-00014 I removed the task parent task still not able to delete the task.

I m Getting such an error.

Thanks In Advance

Hi @srushti,

I think please remove the task from the Dependent Tasks table.

Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

Thanks For Reply,
I had Already Removed the dependent task.

Hi @srushti

You should remove the parent task value in task no TASK-2022-00012 because its mapped with it thats why its not removed

Hi, maybe this helps:

There appears to be some sort of bug (or maybe a cache thing? don’t know) in which when you eliminate a dependant from the child table, then SAVE, it re-appears back on even though it doesn’t ‘appear’. I mean you delete it, then go some where else, try to erase it, gives the error ‘dependent’ again and you go back to the task that you had deleted the dependent from and it is back there eventhough you had triple checked it was deleted and didn’t apprear any more.

My take for this is being methodical and go from the last task in the project and start eliminating dependents and eliminating immediately tasks, one by one, until all is done. Very time consuming, but gets the job done.

Hope it helps

PS Need to add that you also have to remove the ‘Parent task’ field as this might populate later the ‘Dependent’ child table. Not sure, but just in case. It would be lovely to have a ‘hard delete button’ in which it takes care of this.