Unable to delete user

I’m unable to delete a user. I get the following error. I’ve removed the actual email address -

Cannot delete or cancel because User --email address-- is linked with Blogger aditya

Question seems not clear - can you please elaborate?
If desk user is linked with transactions/communication then probably you should opt for disabling user. This way you will have a record of historical data.

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i think you can just “disable” the user by unchecling the “enable” box

there used to be a section called ‘Blogger’ which doesn’t seem to exist anymore. this is causing a bug when trying to delete a User. i think the default behavior was to set a User as a Blogger.

Blogger is referred to in the ERPNext Manual - Frappe Cloud

fyi, I’m using the virtual machine on localhost. downloaded the image this week.

Check Website > Setup to find “Blogger”

Thanks @rmehta it’s like Master - Detail relationship right ? I have to delete the detail row before the master row :wink: