Unable to disable mandatory filed in cuztomizing table (Rowno:23)

dear friends,

I face the error of “Hours value must be greater than zero” while applying Zero hours in Time sheet, so I like to disable the mandatory Time sheet field. But I cant, even I tried property setter. please help me to solve the solution.

Zero hours not acceptable as validation is code level
So you can’t disable this validation whitout changing core code in erpnext app it self

can i have any other solution like property setter or it possible like create custom script for accepting zero hour.

Not possible, because It’s set on the server side.

Please check it.

Thank You!

Then how can I modify, because I am unable to hide the field due to standard filter are in mandetory.

Hi @Mohamed2335,

If you want then remove it line from the base.

But the best way is:

Please create a custom app and then Override the method.

Thank You!

can we able to change via property setter ?

Not possible because It’s not a Mandatory Field. but condition set via server-side like if the hour is 0 then throws the validation error.

Thank You!

sir you mentioned previous issue to @Abishek of disable mandatory field via property setter why cant it work for me.

solution solved by adding hour as 0.0001 in hrs default value