Unable to display subscription plans as products in the homepage of Website

I am trying a setup a website using ERPNext. I am able to add items as products in the homepage. But I don’t want them to be added as products. I have a list of subscription plans and I want them to be added as products in the homepage. You can find those plans in the screenshot given below. Please suggest me some way to add these plans as products in the homepage.

Is there some progress on this? This will be very useful feature

There is no Show in Website option on Subscription Plan form.
So you have to create your own page to display the Plans. I think you can take the product js and py files as example.

Second option is to create Item products to represent the Plans. And display the Item as product on website.
Then make some code to create Subscription when user buys (creates) an Item.

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Thanks for the reply.
Future market is more going to be subscription driven, We should definitely have this feature.
Customer should have a complete control on the products they subscribe to. Adding a payment method, cancelling the subscription and so on.