Unable to edit Permissions Grid on native doctypes (as admin)


I am unable to edit the permission matrix on native doctypes. There also does not seem to be a way to add said permissions for customized doctypes. I am a “System Manager”, or admin, profile.

When I click on the add row when I hover over the field my mouse cursor turns into a no-entry sign. This happens on both production and test servers, v13. Everything works 100% on doctypes if they have “Custom?” checked.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out.


only in develop mode and logged in as system manager, you can change the permission matrix(in frappe/erpnext term child table) in DocType form view. in production system you can change the doctype permission by role via permission manager instead of change in DocType form view, by design the standard doctype’s permission child table is defined/maintained by developer as a default setting.

What a shame